Outside of the Classroom

Leading Change in Education Through a Community Engaged Approach to Teaching and Learning


In my second year of my B.Ed., I had the privilege of participating in an Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) project. Under the supervision of Dr. Peter Milley, I was able to gain research experience within the field of education. It was a very enriching and informative opportunity. I learned a lot from my supervisor and I am grateful for his guidance and support throughout this project. I couldn’t have done it without him!

My research focused on how educators create community-based teaching and learning initiatives and the leadership qualities needed to create them. For more details about my research, check out my research poster that I presented at the UROP symposium.

Mental Health Education

MH Ed presentation

In my second year of the B.Ed. program, I teamed up with some of my classmates to created a mental health awareness/advocacy group. It started out as a class project but has flourished into much more. Through research, we have summarized the importance of mental health education in schools, what is currently in place, what is currently lacking, and compiled resources for incorporating mental health education into teaching. We have also drafted a policy document that will be sent to the Ministry of Education to propose creating mandated mental health education in Ontario schools.

Check out our website for information and resources about mental health in education. You can also follow us on Twitter @Ed4MentalHealth.

Encounters with Canada

In my first year of the B.Ed. program, I participated in a community service learning experience with Encounters with Canada partnered with Elections Canada. As part of team, we designed a lesson to be delivered as a two hour workshop at Encounters with Canada to high school students participating in their program from all across Canada. We taught our students about democracy and the importance of voting. We delivered our lesson on three separate occasions and tailored our lesson to fit in with the theme of the week.